Black hole, black pillow, black sheets, blank sheets, blank pillow

Black void

Blank line, white line, crimson line, blue line.

Crimson gash, crimson stitch, crimson wound, crimson blood

Black blood, blue blood, blank blood,

No blood.

Black love, black blood, no blood, no love

Black hate, black void, blank love, no blood

Black blood on black wound

Wound in black sheet set on black pillow nursing

Black void

Black music like the buck, like the step, like the twist, like the stick

Black envy like a black rose filled with black thorns creating black holes

Red garden, green garden, yellow garden, purple garden

White garden, white rose, white snow,

White blood

Wine line, fine line, bloodline, crossed line

White chest, wine chest, lying chest, black vest

White sleeve, wine sleeve, cut sleeve, blocked sleeve

Wine float, black throat, long throat, cut throat

Black tip, blank tip, black rose,

Black love

Green leaf, yellow leaf, brown leaf, black fall

White walls, white roof, white washed, white gall

White foam, white froth, white sea, seagull

White truck, white ball, wide ball, white net, white goal

Wine drink, wine seat, wine crown wine love

Wine ring, wine stone, rhinestone, white love, red lust, bloodlust

Bloodlust for wine blood bearing white rings feeding wine drink, feeling

Black love

Black love, white love, wine love, wine rose

White love with wine rose swathed in black cloth

Black cloth, black sheet, white sheet, white rose

Blank white, frail white, tight white, white


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